Our company

The Management Company Prevoir manages more than € 4 billion of assets in the form of management under mandate and UCITS

Equity Asset Management

The Société de Gestion Prévoir operates with fundamental management based on a comprehensive knowledge of companies and the belief in their long-term potential.

The fund managers analyze a company’s ability to generate value for the stockholder on the long-run; they also base their judgment on private visits to the companies.

The stock-selection is done according to each one’s intrinsic qualities according to several criteria:

Qualitative criteria

Business-model quality : understandable and sustainable.

Management quality : stability of the leading team and its implications in the company is fundamental in the stock’s analysis.

Family companies : are generally more efficient on the long term

Growth opportunities : industry sector analysis and its growth potential

International turnover : lthe selection is primarily focused on companies that know how to benefit from growth linked to globalization which decreases their risks through their geographical diversification.

Quantitative criteria

Regular earnings growth : the managers analyze its durability

Financial structure : a low level of debt, which ensures strategic flexibility, is favored.

Cash-flow : the company’s ability to generate free cash-flow is an important performance factor for the stockholder.

Return on equity : performance of 10% to 15% according to the readings is deemed acceptable.

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